Haiku Corner: Week of April 27 - May 2

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Monday, April 27

Wisp of clouds aloft

Whistling wind chimes twist and twirl

Warning weather change

—Rae Otto

Tuesday, April 28

Why does this bright moon

etch sharp lines on the branches

and chill the last leaf?

—Jack Seybold

Wednesday, April 29

Gave up all the yummy,

Working out most every day

One day, less tummy

—Char Hersh

Thursday, April 30

On your left. Thank you!

Courtesy on the bike path.

Safe co-existence.

—Ida Edwards

Friday, May 1

Whirlwind at feeder

Squawking birds fight over food

Greed drives the battle

—Rae Otto

Saturday, May 2

Dancing carnations

sprinkle spice on the May wind –

ease in the trumpets

—Jack Seybold

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