Haiku Corner: Week of April 6 - 11

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Monday, April 6

Tree trunks hold aloft

fragile clouds of pink delight

in cerulean sky

—Rebecca Malm

Tuesday, April 7

Abandoned quarry

The book of earth left open

Pages of stone, unread

—Pepper Trail

Wednesday, April 8

Pink and white and blue

Pink flowers across the sky

flutter in the blue

—Naomi Malm

Thursday, April 9

A horse, a rider

Cross a forgotten terrain

Cast an old shadow

—Pepper Trail

Friday, April 10

Morning birds sing: Look!

Pink and white against the blue

make my soul sing too

—Naomi and Rebecca Malm

Saturday, April 11

I pause to listen

and open my eyes to see

thankful for this day

—Craig G. Smith

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