Haiku Corner: Week of May 4 - 9

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Monday, May 4

Winterspring ... back and

forth, come and go. Waiting, like

flowers in the snow.

—Craig Smith

Tuesday, May 5


Movie madness comes to town

Sit back and relax

—Gene Robbins

Wednesday, May 6

Disconsolate gulls

moan in wild wind, frogs ba-rump

waves crash unperturbed

—Brady Rubin

Thursday, May 7

Fog obscures epiphany

Blood moon rising cold

Onto pear blossoms tonight

—Linda Peterson Adams

Friday, May 8

What stalks the coyote

slinking through the forest dark?

Oh, it's just the moon.

—Jim Flint

Saturday, May 9

We're a cut of God.

Polish up and shine yourself.

Come! Inspire the world.

—Carola Lacy

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