Tidings Haiku Corner: Week of March 16-21

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Monday, March 16

White water rushing

Down black water thundering,

Creek is ecstatic.

— Linda Chute

Tuesday, March 17

Daphne scented air

Robins, crocus on the lawn

Winter's on the wane.

— Ida Edwards

Wednesday, March 18

Devil's Lake night sky

Moon rises up ridge line trees

Two lovers see stars

—Lynnwood Leroy Coppedge

Thursday, March 19


Awareness of our bounty

Sharing with others

—Char Hersh

Friday, March 20

Haiku Corner

Royal purple of lilacs

Squirrel running along top of fence

White lilacs join them

—Mary McIntosh

Saturday, March 21

I almost gave up

I decided to hang on

Now I wonder why

—Babbette Flood

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