Films address Native American concerns

Red Earth Descendants (RED) and the Native American Student Union (NASU) of Southern Oregon University will host a Film Festival each Monday night in the month of November to celebrate Native American Heritage Month. Films will be shown from 5 to 9 p.m. Mondays, Nov. 12-26, in the Arena (downstairs in the basement) of SOU's Stevenson Union, 1250 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland.

Films highlighting indigenous concerns will be shown, as well as films directed, produced and created by Native filmmakers. Festival organizers hope to celebrate the art of film-making by Native people and to bring awareness to such topics as land use disputes on tribal lands, social/economic problems facing the Native population, and political actions by Native people to gain a voice. The filmmakers recognize that cultural survival is still an uphill battle for many Native American tribes. Indigenous peoples have fought genocide, poverty and continual removal from their homelands.

Films scheduled will include (but not necessarily be limited to) the following:

1. "Waterbusters," a Lakota environmental story

2. "Alcatraz Is Not An Island"

3. "As Long As The Rivers Flow: The Grassy Narrows Blockade Story," an environmental land dispute between Canadian tribal people and Weyerhaeuser logging their land.

4. "Pow Wow Dreams," a fun and beautiful story of three sisters traveling the Pow Wow trail, growing up together and moving on as young women.

5. "3:52," a short film starring America Ferrera of "Ugly Betty" and "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" as a young Native alcoholic as she takes a spiritual journey toward recovery.

6. Some film shorts written, produced and directed by Native American film students at University of Southern California

7. A few films addressing the Klamath River salmon situation in the Klamath Basin and how the loss of salmon affects the Hoopa, Karuk, Yurok and Klamath Tribes

Popcorn and other treats and beverages will be served. Donations encouraged. Proceeds will benefit the students of NASU, RED's Winter Solstice Storytellers and a transmission for EarthTeach Forest Park's truck.

See, or call Dan Wahpepah at 890-3529 or Jaimie Bernhagen at 941-5989.

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