Flowmotion at CultureWorks

Seattle-based rock band Flowmotion will celebrate its new CD, "Ghost Pepper," with a show next week at CultureWorks in Ashland.

Flowmotion has a reputation up and down the West Coast as an exuberant and talented band and is known for its annual Summer Meltdown Festival at the White Horse Mountain Amphitheater in Darrington, Wash.

The band features Josh Clauson and R.L. Heyer on guitars, Bob Rees on percussion and keys, Eric Bryson on bass and Scott Goodwin on drums.

Flowmotion will perform at 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 31, at CultureWorks, 310 Oak St., Ashland. The show is open to all ages.

"Ghost Pepper" was produced by Scott Colburn (Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Sun City Girls) and its sound resembles that of Wilco, ALO and The Mother Hips and further back to Traffic, Journey and Little Feat.

"We did (recorded) it as a set list, as if we were playing live," Clauson says in a press release. "After several run-throughs with Scott, that was it. We did it instrumentally at first, spent some time doing vocals and re-recorded one new tune. Then Scott put the track order together and, poof, there it is."

The new studio album was released last week and is streaming at www.flowmotion.bandcamp.com.

"Ghost Pepper" debuts studio work by Heyer and Bryson and songwriting by Rees. The new recording moves the group some distance from its early jam roots.

"Flowmotion is the kind of band that would be huge in any decade because the members are professional and take music seriously," Colburn says in the press release. "These days, the general public has accepted less and less in terms of quality. Flowmotion is truly great."

Admission to the show at CultureWorks is $10. Visit www.culture-works.net or call 541-488-4888.

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