Former Ashland High pitcher Guthrie hopes for more action


Orioles right-hander Jeremy Guthrie hasn't abandoned hope of putting a positive finish on his outstanding rookie season.

Although his last start Sunday was halted by a strained muscle in his left side, Guthrie said Wednesday that he feels good enough to pitch again in September.

"I would be very excited to be able to pitch in two starts. It could be irrational to feel that way, or it could be right on the money," he said. "We'll just have to see."

Guthrie, the former three-sport star and valedictorian at Ashland High School, is one of the few feel-good stories on the Orioles this season. After being claimed off waivers from Cleveland, he made the team out of spring training as a reliever, then excelled once promoted to the starting rotation.

He's 7-5 with a 3.65 ERA in 31 games, including 25 starts. Those figured to be Guthrie's final numbers after he hurt his oblique, but he wasn't ready to call it a year.

"It's getting better. Just keep working on it," Guthrie said. "We'll see how quickly the pain will go away. I really feel optimistic about it. That's just me speaking, but I have really thought that from day one, although it was really painful, for some reason it would just go away."

Orioles manager Dave Trembley said, "That would be nice if it happened. He's got to show me that he can throw."

Trembley won't start Guthrie just because the pitcher wants to go. He will do it if he believes Baltimore can win with the rookie on the mound, and if using him won't risk further injury.

"We're not going to do anything for anybody's psyche or ego. We're going to do what's right and what's in the best interest of everyone," Trembley said. "I applaud Jeremy for his thought process and his eagerness and his mental outlook. There are just considerations far more than that."

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