Incendio at RoxyAnn Winery

Incendio, a group of Los Angeles-based songwriters and musicians, knew the kind of spirited passion and energy it wanted to convey to audiences when the members named the band in 1999 — a mix of Latin guitars and world rhythms combined with Indian, Arabic and Celtic flavors. They have added the right touch of jazz improvisation and straight-up rock 'n' roll to create a sound and live show that is ambitious, energetic and uplifting. A result fans could call "edge of your seat music."

Incendio 2009 is Jim Stubblefield (acoustic and electric guitars); Jean-Pierre Durand (acoustic and electric guitars and guitar synthesizer); Liza Carbe' (bass and acoustic guitar); Bryan Brock (percussion); and Nicole Falzone (drums and percussion). The band's name means "fire" in Italian, a nod to Carbé's Sicilian-American upbringing.

Past members, players and guests have included Joe Shotwell (drums and percussion); Scott Breadman (percussion); Tom Brechtlein (drums); Joel Litwin (drums and percussion); Dave Karasony (drums); Jake Jacobs (drums and percussion); Michael Clarke (drums); Mars Lasar (synthesizers); Lisa Lynne (Celtic harp); David Garza (sitar); Novi Novog (viola); Charlie Bisharat (violin); Eric Marienthal (saxophone); and Carlos Cuevas (piano).

Stubblefield, Durand and Carbé and the others have received international acclaim for their guitar world-fusion. Incendio's music uses the Latin American forms of boleros, cumbias, salsa, tango, mambo and valses criollos.

Durand and Stubblefield's tightly interlocked guitar solos and Carbé's floor-pounding rhythms — all three rocking from the gut — leaves no doubt that Incendio is all about performance.

On the strength of six releases: "Misterioso" in 2000, "Illumination" in 2002, "Intimo" and "Incendio" in 2003, "Dia y Noche" in 2005 and "Seduction" in 2006, the group has built a strong fan base and averages about 200 shows a year.

Four of the internationally released albums have charted on Billboard, New Age Voice and other print and online magazines devoted to the music industry.

Incendio's music has received air play on radio stations in the U.S. and overseas, and the group has performed at venues such as the Sundance Film Festival, the Verizon Music Festival Los Angeles, Catalina Jazztrax, Salem Worldbeat Festival, the California World Festival, the Strawberry Music Festival in Yosemite and others.

The group's compositions, which call on so many influences of musical styles and genres, form a medium that promotes intercultural understanding.

Throughout the late 1990s, Carbé, Durand and Stubblefield were at the forefront of Southern California's nuevo flamenco movement. But now that nuevo flamenco's presence has been minimized to the smooth jazz field and genre stars, Incendio's members say they are grateful they chose to expand into other arenas. Their meatier sound is a primary reason why they're still on the scene, supported by a multigenerational following of fans whose tastes range from jambands and jazz to folk.

The show at RoxyAnn Winery will be sponsored by the Rogue Regency Inn. Festival seating tickets may be purchased at the tasting room at RoxyAnn Winery or by calling 776-2315, ext. 1.

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