Laura Derocher in concert

Ashland resident Laura Derocher writes positive lyrics for positive living. She will present a "cooperative" concert to release her new CD, "Joy Now" at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 16, at Havurah Shir Hadash, 185 N. Mountain Ave., Ashland.

The concert is being sponsored by four local non-profit organizations and a portion of ticket proceeds goes to the sponsors.

A board member of the Positive Music Association, Derocher describes her brand of Poz music as "naturopathic, melodic mind treatment."

The Positive Music Association is a professional trade organization dedicated to expanding and promoting the life-affirming Positive Music genre, also known as Poz, and supporting the individuals who participate in the Poz music industry.

Members of the association see music not only as entertainment but as a means of creating positive change in the world. People drawn to Poz music often are interested in subjects like personal development and empowerment, social transformation and peace, and in creating healthy environments, relationships and communities.

The Positive Music Association hopes to establish Poz as a new music category, making it easy for people looking for healthy, new music to find and buy it. Members describe Poz is music of any style that conveys positive or constructive messages. It celebrates and embraces life. It may be spiritual, but is not religious. It's message is not about denying negativity or problems, but rather seeing everything, and then choosing to focus on solutions and on what you want.

In a press release, Derocher explains the value of Poz songs. "How did we learn our ABC's? By singing them. How can we learn to create what we want in our lives? By singing about it. The melody implants the message into our psyche in ways that words alone can't."

Derocher's song titles demonstrate her philosophy: "What Are You Meant to Do?" "Song of My Own," "Lay That Story Down," "Be the Change," "A Call for Love," "Comfort Zone Blues," "Once Upon Your Lifetime," "I Am Not A Victim," "Have Patience," and, "I'm The Whole Show."

Derocher explains, "The songs take you on an emotional ride. Some are stirring. Others are laugh-out-loud fun. All of them touch on how we aspire to live, the recognition of which leaves us inspired and recharged."

Derocher has been a featured performer in Chicago. Here in the Rogue Valley she has been seen in a number of musicals at Camelot Theatre. A former business consultant, Derocher is making her mark as a singer/songwriter and motivational speaker.

The concert employs a new, cooperative model that Derocher initiated. "Several organizations in the Valley have missions similar to mine: to uplift the world through positive vibrations," she said. "Happily, each organization I approached was 100 percent on board with the music and the cooperative concert. One-third of the ticket price goes back to the ticket-holder's favorite sponsor. We're excited to gather together and to share this kind of music with more of the general public."

Tickets are $15. Mention a sponsor at the door and $5 goes to them. Tickets are available at Paddington Station, Ashland, or at the door.

Call 482-8711.

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