Rio Veradonir and the path to universal truth

What's in a name? For self-monikered artist Rio Veradonir, a great deal.

"With all due respect to my parents, I don't think one truly has a birth name unless they accept it."

Veradonir, a poet, sculptor, film maker and composer, came upon his present name by analyzing terms meaning "Universal truth" in 333 languages and arranging the letters in the most logical pattern.

His name is shared by the patron society which he founded, Veradonir. "I named myself after the organization, not the other way around," said Veradonir. The non-profit organization was conceived to help promote artists and education across the world. Ultimately, Veradonir wants to use his foundation to open schools in South Africa focusing on non-standardized education and self-designed curriculum.

"I always do the projects that I wanted and wanted and wanted to see but never had before," said Veradonir. "In a way, I create things for myself, in that, seeing myself not so much as the artist, but as the customer."

Veradonir is gaining clout in the Rogue Valley through his prolific and highly versatile work and his penchant for networking. Veradonir walks the artistic tightrope between ambition and altruism with a cavalier charm and dead reckoning sincerity.

He aspires to take all of the profits from his foundation and donate them to cryonics and nano-medicinal research, the science of prolonging and enhancing life.

"I think every goal in the human race could be accomplished if we weren't limited to one lifetime," said Veradonir. "I don't feel like I'm being the slightest bit na&

239;ve in saying that. I encourage anyone reading this article to check . they're the most successful researchers and implementers of cryonics. Everyone who has money should give it to these people or feel guilty."

Presently, Veradonir is hard at work creating his first film, "Spin of Fabrication."

"I find the process of creating to be more interesting than watching film. In a way, I've always enjoyed watching films but ultimately find myself wishing that I was a part of the process," said Veradonir. "The reason I like film is because it uses all the forms of art which I like. I don't really feel 100 percent comfortable calling Spin of Fabrication a film, I just lack a better term. I feel each work of art should be its own medium. For example, I think that music is a bigger than any character in a film."

"Spin of Fabrication," one of the largest scale independent films to be produced in the Rogue Valley, is conceived of as a surrealist philosophical odyssey. The project has been fairly consuming for Veradonir, the writer, producer, director and composer of the film. "It's really my first opus," said Veradonir. The ambitious film is about a girl having a dream that leads her to discover the nature of reality and then discard it.

One of the main sources of Rio's artistic inspiration came from knowing Ukrainian composer Evgeni Kostitsyn. The now-renowned synchronous music pioneer was down on his luck, and essentially wound up crashing on Veradonir's couch for two years when Veradonir was 16.

"He's probably been my greatest influence, and my best friend too," said Veradonir, who is working on his own synchronous work right now, called "33 synchronous piano pieces," which, when finished, will be three hours, 33 minutes and 33 seconds long. "Because of my exposure to this technique, I'm most interested in different pieces played similarly, but in different styles and with different tempos all merging at the same time." Soon, he'll be travelling to Europe to study under composers Karlheinz Stockhauser and Alfred Schnittke.

After completing his film opus, Veradonir has a few more projects in the works. He is beginning work on a sculpture project, and also plans to use his musical prowess to adapt the novel "Fantazius Mallare, be Ben Hecht' into an opera. He's also pursuing his writing on several different levels, of late finding fascination with the idea of dramatic, narrative poetry.

"I don't think that anyone has done true poetic drama on a successful level since the days of iambic pentameter," said Veradonir.

The product of a genuinely fascinating life, which he translates to art and then into philosophy, one thing Veradonir values above anything is the pursuit of truth, which takes many forms.

"I really love academia and plan to be in school in some way for the rest of my life," said Veradonir. "But, at the same time I can get disgusted by the bureaucracy. I'm more interested in studying with people than the idea of an institution."

"One thing all of my art has in common is that they all come back to philosophy, even the music and sculpture. Philosophy for me is not like a religion. It's a humble attempt at understanding as much as possible," said Veradonir. "On the other hand, if someone was to come up to me and say 'if you smoke this magic cigarette you'll immediately know everything,' I wouldn't do it."

For more information on "Spin of Fabrication," synchronous music or the Veradonir organization, see the Web site / or look up Rio Veradonir at

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