Slackjaw at Standing Stone

Looking for a local project, Lincoln Zeve, a former harmonica player for alt-country band One Horse Shy, found his niche with Slackjaw.

The fledgling band, which formed about six months ago, features Robert Wildman on mandolin, Darren Campbell on guitar, David Speigel on electric bass and, now, Zeve on harmonica and saxophone.

Slackjaw will perform at 9 p.m. Saturday, July 31, at Standing Stone Brewing Co., 101 Oak St., Ashland.

On their quest for a signature Slackjaw sound, the band has explored a variety of musical genres, including bluegrass, Americana, country, blues, straight-ahead jazz and gypsy jazz.

"With sax and harmonica, I was able to add some different types of music — straight-ahead jazz and blues," says Zeve. "Harmonica certainly lends itself to blues and the sax to jazz and gypsy jazz."

The young quartet also has a knack for four-part vocal harmonies. All four musicians sing lead vocals, manipulating their voices in such a way as to complement the other singers and enhance the blend of their instruments.

"I certainly wouldn't compare us to The Beach Boys, but that is an example of when all four members have good voices and sing some good harmonies," says Zeve.

The band's current set list pays homage to David Grisman, the Beatles, Dave Brubeck, Tracey Lawrence, the Allman Brothers, Restless Heart and Devil Makes Three.

There is no cover to Slackjaw's Standing Stone show. For more information, call 541-482-2448.

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