The weather outside is frightful

ABOVE: A motorist watches the road for ducks crossing in Lithia Park today. FRONT: Maryanne Singer, left, holds her dog, Happy, as it startles a passerby on the corner of Pioneer and East Main Street today. Despite the snow, locals were out walking, jogging and enjoying the snowy weather.

Those dreaming of a white Christmas got their wish. Flakes spurted a bit on Christmas Eve, but more snow will fall for the next couple days.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a snow advisory for Jackson County until 4 p.m. today, with an alert that two to six more inches of snow could fall before it's all over.

Low elevation snow showers continue behind a cold Pacific storm system. Light rain preceded the snow in some areas last night, creating a thin layer of ice on roads, causing slippery conditions.

The Siskiyou Pass on I-5, typically a trouble spot when winter weather hits, stayed open Tuesday and today. However, the interstate did close for about four hours at milepost 70 due to heavy snow.

Jared Castle, spokesman for the southern district of Oregon Department of Transportation, said, "We have more snow coming at us the next couple of days. People who are traveling back home after the holidays really need to check weather reports before they leave."

He encouraged anyone who has to travel the next couple days to check out ODOT's Web site for current road conditions and weather alerts.

Ashland Police Sergeant Teresa Selby said despite the snow, they've only had one accident. "A driver lost traction and went over an embankment. The car's probably totaled, but she was fine," she said.

Selby advised drivers to stay home if they don't have to drive. "And if you do go out, drive with caution and make sure you're equipped for the snow."

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