Travesuras at the Havurah

Ricardo Diaz and his Travesuras troupe will present authentic flamenco music and dance at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 1, at Havurah Shir Hadash, 185 N. Mountain Ave., Ashland.

The troupe will feature flamenco guitarist Diaz along with vocalists Cristo Cortes and Vicente Griego. Percussionist and dancer Antonio Arrebola. Cortes and Griego provide jaleos (hay-láy-os), or flamenco shouts and palm-clapping, and Arrebola plays cajón (cah-hone), a box-shaped drum.

Diaz was born in El Salvador and has lived in cities around the U.S., Spain and France. Cortes, Griego and Arrebola hail from Seville, Spain.

Diaz discovered the art of flamenco in San Francisco, where he began his studies with guitarist Jorge Liceaga. With Liceaga's advice, Diaz traveled to Madrid, Spain, where he studied with flamanco masters El Entri and El Viejin.

"I have the sounds of many places," Diaz says. "I have so many influences from many years in the Bay Area, Seville, Madrid, Marseilles and others."

Diaz' music breaks through the tradition of authentic flamenco with jazzy chords and breaks and Moorish rhythms, but he respects the roots of flamenco.

"I'm like the artists who go to other countries to paint," Diaz says. "I discover the lifestyle, the colors and the rhythms, and audiences can hear something original in my music."

Advance tickets to the show at Havurah cost $15 and are available at Tickets will cost $20 at the door. See for information.

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