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Inner Peace: The eternal pivot point — now or never

In his ground breaking book “The Quantum Revelation,” Paul Levy quotes physicists Bryce DeWitt and Neil Graham: “No development of modern science has had a more profound impact on human thinking than the advent of quantum theory. Wrenched out of centuries-old thought patterns, physicists of a generation ago found themselves compelled to embrace a new metaphysics. The distress which this reorientation caused continues to the present day. Basically physicists have suffered a severe loss: their hold on reality.”

Quantum theory challenges the traditional belief that reality is objective, a thing that exists “out there.” Instead, more than a century of disruptive discoveries seem to confirm that we actually live in a fluid state constantly influenced by our own observing. We don’t ever experience “reality” as some sort of solid state outside of ourselves. We always experience what is, only as it is when we are observing it. And how we observe changes what we experience. As the updated saying goes, “We’ll see it when we believe it.”

But, as my grandmother used to say, “What does this have to do with the price of bread on Tuesday?” In other words, how do quantum revelations affect our actual lives? That’s the focus of my recent book, “Now or Never, A Visionary Map for Quantum Activists.” In his foreword, modern mystic Andrew Harvey wrote: “Fusing rigorous down-to-earth realism with the higher realism of sacred imagination — complete with its purest, wildest, and holiest intentions — is most certainly the key to acting effectively from a place of joy and energy and hope, even in profoundly frustrating conditions.”

In the end, it’s what we do that matters. But who we are inevitably transmits through what we do. This is the secret to Gandhi’s famous admonition, that we must be the change we wish to see in the world. “Quantum activism” is the term coined by Dr. Amit Goswami for bringing change into the world from the inside out. For instance, peace inside me broadcasts to increase peace in my environment. How? Through everything I do. In other words, it’s not about marching for change, it’s about being the change, so that I’m shifting “reality” as I march, but also as I shop, converse and sleep.

Becoming a full-on quantum activist involves: 1. Knowing that your every thought, feeling, word and action generates a ripple effect in human consciousness; 2. Committing to being the change you wish to see in the world; and 3. Focusing on one large goal, obsessively.

Those interested in exploring these themes are invited to my book launch at at 7 p.m. Monday, June 4, at Bloomsbury Books in Ashland. This will be very different from the standard book signing event. I’ll be demonstrating the seven quantum practices from the book in a participatory format.

Of course, this is the best way to learn, as we all know — to do something, not just to listen. And, there’s plenty to do! Imagine feeling empowered to move through your ordinary everyday moments with a sense of extraordinary accomplishment, simply because you are making the most of every opportunity to transmit the qualities you cherish, like peace and love and compassion. In that sense, the quantum activist is always “on duty” and every circumstance presents itself as a perfect opportunity.

Those with a special interest in exploring this field are invited to inquire about our summer quantum trials that stretch from July 1 through Sept. 21. I have space for about 20 experimenters. For more information, email me at will@willtwilkinson.com.

Will Wilkinson is a senior consultant at www.thrivinginbusinessandlife.com. He has authored eight books, developed and delivered inspirational training programs in seven countries, interviewed hundreds of leading edge change makers, and can be found online at www.willtwilkinson.com.

(June 4: Story updated to correct who coined the term "quantum activism.")

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